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“Utility of traffic signaling system depends on level of quality of installation,and maintenance of Signals. The signaling system is an essential service in today’s urban infrastructure. As the largest operator of Traffic Signals in the country Onnyx have been setting higher level of quality standards in keeping the traffic lights working under all circumstances. The key to our performance have been the replacement of terminology of maintenance by the term operations.

It is our responsibility to keep the traffic management system operating in larger public interest. We must & we do ensure smooth traffic flow by keeping the hardware & software working without a break in all cases, as we understand that hurdles & unpredictable problems are part & parcel of our day-to-day work.”

Jitendra Kaushik

Onnyx Electronisys Pvt. Ltd.

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Onnyx Electronisys Pvt. Ltd. 11, Corporate Tower,
Plot No.13, DDA District Center Karkarduma,
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