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Traffic Signal Controller / Adaptive Traffic Control System


Traffic Signal Controller

A traffic signal is ensuring that traffic moves as smoothly and safely as possible. The existing scenarios in the major cities need to implement the flexible traffic signal subsequences to coordinate the traffic flow. Traffic light/signal controllers are undergone with continual improvement. The main objective of the traffic signal controller is to provide the sophisticated control and coordination on traffic. The co-ordination of traffic light control system is achieved by implementing microcontroller chips to make it a simple and low-cost system, which inbuilt with microprocessors like 8085, 8051 etc. These microcontrollers are controlling these traffic lights in a specific manner and auto changing at a specified range of time interval or density of the traffic.

Traffic Signal Controller (Microprocessor Based) detects traffic data and actuates optimum management strategies for the regulation of urban traffic. Traffic Signal Control is the establishment of formal or informal arrangements to share traffic control information as well as actual control of traffic signal operation across jurisdictions.

Adaptive Traffic Control System

Adaptive traffic control system is a combination of technology that used in traffic signal to resolve traffic congestion adoptively. It provides the real-time variation of signal timing that implies improved decision-making capabilities at intersections. Adaptive traffic control system is a management of the traffic system as actual traffic demand. ATCS count and analyzing the incoming data and give the real-time response at intersection geometrics and change the traffic lights as according to traffic demand. It is the majority of traffic signal controllers with various microprocessors inbuilt configurations.

Adaptive traffic control system technology is working with a combination of advanced hardware and software to recognize the demand of traffic. This technology is faster because of their advanced algorithms that respond with real-time optimization and coordinate traffic movements to improve the overall traffic flow.

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a. Conflict Monitoring

    Inter Group -Hardware through conflict matrix

        - Software through module

    Intra Group -Software Subsystem

b. Self Diagnostic Features

    Through Watch Dog Timer

    System Failure Detection

    Software Compliance Monitor

    Hardware/Software Watchdog

    Protected Access to Critical Timings

    Program Data Checks

c. FLASH Facility through hardware and software


a. It is a solution for optimizing traffic signals

b. Ability to recognize the current condition of traffic

c. It provides the centralized adaptive operation.

d. Increase signal timing lifespan.

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