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Intelligence Traffic Management System (ITMS) / Intelligence Transport System (ITS)

In modern cities, traffic management face different challenges like traffic congestion, traffic violation. There is a need of technological framework for smart mobility platform across different domains. The domains could be traffic congestion, violation, security, safety, and solution is ITS/ ITMS. It is providing the smart mobility platform that effectively integrated in traffic management devices and equipments.

Intelligence Traffic Management System is the combination of advance science and technology such as information, computer, sensor, data communication and electronics control technology. It is integrate in the Transportation service control and vehicle that strengthen link between the three vehicles, roads and users. It preferably improved the security, efficiency and environment also. Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS) or Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) cover any technology applied to transport and infrastructure to transfer information between systems for improved safety, productivity and environmental performance. This includes stand-alone applications such as traffic management systems, information and warning systems installed in individual vehicles, as well as cooperative ITS (C-ITS) applications involving vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle communications. Onnyx Electronisys Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete and reliable ITMS/ITS applications.

Intelligent Traffic Management Systems required various hardware devices to collect the real time data. These hardware devices are high speed image capturing cameras, LED Flash Lights, signal-ling lights, automatic vehicle locators and light sensors. Whereas at opposite direction, two sets of capture equipments being installed to record vehicle activities. It records the data when vehicles are violating or predict traffic scenario.

Intelligent traffic management system makes a perfect solution for smart mobility platform in major cities. We are engaging in the field of manufacturing and distributing highly reliable and durable ITMS for traffic solution in India.


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