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Variable Message Sign (VMS) / LED Traffic Signal System

variable-message-sign“Technologies play a vital role in current scenario in various fields, so we upgrade VMS framework in Traffic Signal Management.”

Variable Message Sign aka VMS, used to display the information and message to the driver depending upon the road condition. Roads are jostling because full of innumerable automobiles that expedite to reach their destination as earlier as possible. So VMS is a key element of dynamic traffic solution to easily aware the motorist during driving in an efficient way. VMS is help to improve the driving condition and save lots of time. It is a life saver as road conditions are unpredictable.

VMS board consists of LED traffic signal system using graphics in monochrome or color to warn and guide the people while driving. Variable Message Sign are widely applicable as highway and traffic control equipments by using programmable LED lights. It can be placed as many places like highways, major road junction, union territories and urban arteries etc. The VMS can also be used in cities to informing and aware about the working zones, diversions, lane merging and closure etc.

VMS (Variable Message Sign) information display signs are an ideal medium for the transport industry; they are extremely versatile and can be updated both quickly and efficiently.

LED Traffic Signal System

LEDs are superior in terms of cost, maintenance, and power consumption. The LED Traffic Signal System or controller, which is maintains the LED incandescent according to the traffic signal. The key purpose of LED traffic signal system is to improving the reliability, visibility and efficiency of traffic flow. LED traffic lights are low energy input and high light output devices.

We are manufacturer, distributor, dealer, supplier and service provider of LED traffic signal system in Delhi NCR (North India).

Our LED VMS or LED Traffic Signal System displays have all sorts of uses in transport:

  • Road signs
  • Speed control
  • Congestion due to special events
  • Hazardous Road Conditions
  • Vehicle queuing
  • Bus & rail times & destinations
  • Car parking information
  • Customs information
  • Vehicle queuing
  • Other changing conditions or requirements

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